Sunday, June 3, 2012


Or for that matter last week.  Considering that we are not in travel mode, the time just seems to fly by and we are enjoying our selves immensely.  No hitch itch, no wanderlust, just contented to take advantage of down time.

Will admit to having a on going bridge group here and we still  have enough people to get two tables most of the time, and we have been playing most every day or evening. 

Today we took a run to a fruit market out side of Temecula, that we have found, to stock up for the coming week.  Stopped and had lunch at an Irish pub, and it was excellent.  Will be a place that we will return to. We have not been eating out like we used too, mostly because of the drive, and the food is better at home….well, most of the time.  Chuck tried out his smoker last week, with ribs and chicken.  Wow, they were so good!  The ribs were the best, just slow cooked them and they were fall off the bone tender.  When we were in Colorado Springs last fall, our son sent us some smoked salmon that he had done.  Well, we forgot to share it with the kids there, so saved a package for when they came here.  Sorry, forgot it again.  Made a smoked salmon spread and took it to happy hour Friday.  Lots of compliments, I’d say it turned out good.

Weather has been as near perfect as it can be.  Few hours in the early after noon when it is on the warm side, but cools off early and fast.  Our pool area is still under renovation, hopefully they will be finished by this week.  They have a women foreman running the job, and they seem to be going at it full force. 

That’s all folks, travel safe, stop and smell the roses. 


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