Sunday, May 27, 2012


Our daughter and SIL arrived in the early afternoon on Monday.  Long hard drive coming from Colorado Springs, but they did take their time and a short side trip to the Grand Canyon.  Coming across the dessert the temperature went to 113.  Scary, with the two little ones in the car, in case of trouble.  Nice evening, everyone got rested and the next day it was off to the …..


We took two cars, and were off early so we arrived when it opened.  There were quite a few school buses, as school is still in session in California, and they were having field trips.  But it was not really crowded, and it was a great day.

legoland 018

The highlight for me was the baby hippo riding on his momma’s back.  Actually they were just sitting there, but made great pictures.  And the kids loved it. 

legoland 031

Unfortunately our daughter had picked up a bug that seemed to get worse as the day progressed, but refused to leave.  Said she would die before she disappointed the kids who have been looking forward to this for almost a year.  We did managed to see it all and got back home safe and sound.  She hit the bed and kids were still ready for a little pool time.

legoland 038

Roinn enjoyed the water, but Kylee is still a “sitting on the step, makes me a happy girl”.  The next day we rested up, gave Chuck’s new smoker a try out.  Make some fantastic baby backs.  They were sooooo good, fallen off the bone good. 

Then it was LEGOLAND, here we come.  Roinn has been a Lego lover for years, and he is so into them.  It was amazing to watch his eyes light up no matter where he was looking.  Surprised us that we enjoyed seeing all the construction of the Legos. Figures and towns, Landmarks, all made of the little plastic pieces.

legoland 054

                                           legoland 056

Great place for the younger kids, and thankfully not too crowded.

legoland 068

legoland 085

The people are real, the rides are fun, but the food and drinks are way too expensive! Hamburger…9 dollars!  We had snacks in our backpacks, and managed on those.

legoland 065

This Memorial was almost life size.  Awesome.

legoland 048

Kylee is a girly girl, but a real dare devil and loves the roller coasters.  She could have  gone all day, lucky she was just big enough for all of them, as long as an adult was with her. 

legoland 080

They saved the waterpark for the second day, and unfortunately the weather was down right chilly.  Didn’t stop them though, the air might have been cool, but the water was heated, AND they had the whole place to themselves.  They took extra clothes and there is a family dryer that will blow you dry once your done.  Chuck and I passed on going the last day.  The old folks wear out fast.  It was a great visit, know the great grand babies enjoyed them selves to no end, which means we all enjoyed it. 

Till next week, travel safe, enjoy each day.

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