Saturday, May 12, 2012


Our daughter and SIL are going to be taking their grandkids, (our greats) to Legoland next week, which just happens to be 40 miles from us.  They will be leaving Colorado Springs and the plan is to swing by the Grand Canyon for a quick look see and then make their way here.  They plan on staying about a week, so there will be some side trips in the planning.  The San Diego zoo is pretty high on the list.  Thank goodness it is not Disneyland, still not ready to do that one again.

The week seemed to only take 2 days to fly by, can not believe how fast the days seem to go.  Today our neighbors from across the street came back to the park, and we had a nice visit.  They have both been fighting the Big C, so it was good to get to spend some time with them, now that things are looking better.  They have a house in town, and do not live here any more, but hope to spend more time visiting.  We went with them to dinner at a Mexician restaurant, fun time, great food.  I had the special, which was shrimp wrapped in bacon, and a seafood enchilada.  That was a really great dinner.  Everyone was happy with theirs, but the my shrimp were out of this world. 

We also made plans to spend a few weeks in Hawaii come the end of October.  A lady in the park has for years, rented a 3 bedroom home on Oahu, and rents out several of the bedrooms, that makes it affordable for everyone.  She had one opening left, and we took a few seconds to make up our minds, we were going!   Seeing how we are only planning on staying close to “home” this summer, this would make up for it some.  Still plan on traveling slowly up the coast July and August, but not going further than our home town in northern California, of many years.  Not sure what our grandsons Little League schedule is like and he has become quite the little bowler, and will be competing in the state tournament in southern California some time in July.  Hope on working something out that he can spend some time traveling with us.  But once they reach their teen age years, they do get busy with their own lives.  Miss him bunches, but the memories that we have of all the time that we did get to spend together are priceless.

Till next week, travel safe, laugh loud, make each day the best of your life.


Speedy said...

Hawaii...Now that is a few miles from home. I am not to keen on tropical paradises. I spent enough time overseas in the tropics.

Joe and Sherri

Don and Cheryl said...

We would love to go back to Hawaii, we lived in Honolulu for five years. Have fun and let us know how that works out renting the room.

Don and Cheryl Catoe