Sunday, May 20, 2012


Well not always.  Tried to write the blog yesterday, and computer was trying it's best to play sick.  Finally got it off life support and now Livewriter has pennies on its eyelids.  Going to try doing it in Blogger, hope it goes through.  Which didn't work out too good, kept loosing them, and believe me each retry got shorter, when I finally went to publish a 4 line blog, consisting mostly of  %$#%*&%$#%@^, by golly there they all were.  Life is once again good, but it still call for a drink, make it a double.  
Pictures are of some of the flowers near Legoland.  There are so many nurseries in this area, seems no matter where you look there is something in bloom.  Also lots of wineries.   And I can also get my ocean fix so easy.  Love, love the ocean.  Think in another life I crawled up out of it and grew legs. It just seems to rejuvenate me.

Fields of Flowers,
but they bloomed early this year, so no longer doing tours.
Below, the parking lot.

Busy week getting everything ready for the kids visit.  You would think that I have bought all the food in the stores out, and they are only stay 6 days!  Made a run over to Pendleton Marine base and got the tickets for Legoland and the San Diego Zoo.  Great saving, almost half price, but still they are pricey.  And gas in California has jumped 30 to 40 cents over night.  Pushing 4.40 for regular, but diesel is 10 cents cheaper....well it was yesterday, what a bargain.  But the weather, it is wonderful, there is nothing like it any where. 

The kids should be here tomorrow, looking forward to seeing them again, the babies grow so fast.  Glad they are making it this week, next week they are closing the swimming pool for 4-5 days, due to resurfacing  the deck and poolside.  Memorial Day they are having a special tribute, and Chuck is taking part in it, along with the rest of the retired military that are still here.  They wanted them all in long dark pants and white shirts, well, that was two items that Chuck doesn't carry any longer.  So we stopped at the Goodwill, and for 12 bucks he now owns a pair along with a gorgeous white silk shirt.  And when we are done they will go into the parks yearly yard sale.  Each year the first of October they hold a big sale, and make quite a nice sum to support some of the activities that they have here. 

Yesterday went to town and had my toes and nails done.  None to happy, but hard to get your point across of what you do want, when all they hear is "5 dollar more".  Have yet to find one that I would consider going back to, just have to keep trying.  At least my hair is finally growning back.  We both took our "spots" to the doctor this week and everything checked out good.  Still have to get my boobs ironed and then, should be it for this year.  I know TMI........till next week. 

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Speedy said...

Hope you have fun with the kids. Sounds like you have a great week planned out for them.

Joe and Sherri