Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Last week I was talking about the weather and how it was so wonderful, well, I spoke too soon.  The heat has found us.  Time to roll.  We are going next week into San Diego for a mini rally at an Elks with a few folks from here.  That will be nice as the temps tend to stay fairly consistent there, in the seventy’s.  Then we will pop back here for a few days and get things together for a slooow trip up the coast.  See a few friends, play some golf, just take our time.

On the road into Temecula, we our having some visual treats appear.  The iron works company has begun putting out some of the many horses along the road.  They are very eye catching, as they are life size.

horses 002

The picture below had electric poles that I thought were distracting, so photo shopped them out.  They also added the one horse that is on the other side.   The photo of the one above is on a tall hill, and can be seen from quite a distance.  Word has it that they will be displayed all the way into town. 

horses 009-001

Been busy doing a whole lot of keeping busy doing nothing.  Can’t believe that we are so content, but have to admit looking forward to those wheels going round and round for awhile.  Will miss having the little car to drive, we don’t plan on taking it with us.  We decided that it would be best if we didn’t get our grandson when he comes down to bowl in L.A. we will plan something when we get up there.  Maybe take him and a friend camping or something.  He is 13, and the thought of him having to spend days entertaining us two old fogies', made us feel for him.  This is a case where two kids is better.

Been waiting on the RV mobile repair service to get back to us to install a new motor for our slides.  It has started to hesitate when the 3rd and 4th slide comes in, and gradually is getting worse so we decided to have it fixed before we ended up stuck some where.  Does not help that the big slide is the last to come in. This service does a lot of work in the park, and everyone we talked to seemed happy with them.  And he was “Johnnie on the spot” coming out, but no word, and no returns on our calls.  Hate not to have it fixed before we go to San Diego.  Got a week yet, so hopefully.  Only been since November, so it is like we could have called sooner, not the smartest thing  we have not done.

Hopefully next time will have more to write about.  Life is Good.


Speedy said...

Hope you get that fixed soon...Jim and Dee had theirs fixed this week and they are back on the road. We had ours fixed in Alabama when we were up there at Tiffin. Good to read your journal.

Joe and Sherri

FD5, Retired said...

Good luck with the repairs, just hate having to wait.

Stay Safe