Tuesday, November 13, 2012


When you are traveling on the cheap, you take what you can get, when it is available.  We hit the air base around 10 at night for a plane that was on the schedule to leave around mid night.  As it was there were only 13 seats and we were number 8 and 9.  That is until a family of five checked in, and as he was active duty, they went to the head of the line, now we are 13/14.  We decided to hang around a bit just in case, and it paid off, they managed to take everyone, 32 people.  Once again it was a mad dash, Chuck had to return the rental car, get a cab back, all in a matter of minutes.  We got all checked through, then waited in a secure waiting area.  The hurry, hurry and wait routine. The plane was a large cargo carrier, with cargo strapped down the center.  Think they must have been hauling meat, it was so cold.  Not you could tell the seasoned travelers as once we were on the plane they were pulling out the knit caps, jackets, blow up seat pillows. Even blow up air mattresses, they plopped those on the floor and got 4 hours sleep! These people were not on their first cargo plane flight, unlike me and the ole guy I sleep with.  So very glad they passed out lots of blankets.  Five hours and we were back at Travis AFB and our car.  It was a good experience and we know that we will do more travel this way, but also we will be much better prepared. 

Spent just a couple of days in our old home area, visited with the kids, and off we went as Chuck had a cardiologist for his six month check up that he didn’t want to miss.  Put a audio book in and the miles just melted away.  Got home just as it was getting dark, so the timing was good.  Hate being off day light saving time, gets dark so early, 4:30 and the sun is going down.  Bummer.

Thanksgiving is almost here, we are planning on hosting a table, and Chuck is going to smoke a turkey.  Instead of having a big pot-luck, they do tables of 12, which work out quite nicely. There is also a porker tournament this week end and I’m going to give it a try, glad they are having a couple of practice sessions, been a long time since I played poker.  Hope I don't make a fool of my self. 

Sort of thinking about next summer and the travels we hope to embark on, just wonder what gas prices will do.  Guess we can always put a wind mill on the roof of the truck.  Tuesday did not make my day, but life goes on……hopefully.


Anonymous said...

I've heard gas to Tennessee is going to be freeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Speedy said...

I'll have to say that must have been a fun trip in the cargo plane! Sherri and I will be on the road in February going...who knows where.