Friday, April 9, 2010

The 11th Street Cowboy Bar

This whole post is pulled off of Bob and Molly’s blog;  blatant out right thievery, but she does it sooooo much better and they are having me cook dinner so that is my excuse and I’m sticking to it.


Cowboy Bar 145  In the little town of Bandera, which is known as the Cowboy Capital of the World, you will find The 11th Street Cowboy Bar.  There are some things that are just “purely Texan” and the 11th Street Cowboy Bar is one of them.

On most Wednesday evenings in pretty weather, they fire up HUGE charcoal grills…..

Cowboy Bar 131 ….and you bring your own steaks to cook on these big, hot, grills.  For $5.00, you get a large cooked-to-perfection baked potato, salad with all the fixin’s,  and hot rolls.   Oh, and a plate to put your steak on!!! (Bring your own steak knife!)   Then you gather around and cook your steaks and share a Texas style meal and listen to some of the best Country Western bands around….with lots of two-steppin’ on the outdoor dance floor.

If you wander thru this Cowboy Bar and Grill, you will find the most unusual decor……

Cowboy Bar 116   …..rumor has it that they will give you free beer for your bra…..(thanks, but, No thanks!:) )

Thanks to some gorgeous weather and great friends, we shared a really fun evening in Bandera this week…..

Bill and Helen…..Cowboy Bar 085

Lynette, Gregg, Chuck and Kathy…Cowboy Bar 086A few of the girls checking out the entry to the ladies room…hmmmm….. big grins there :)……Cowboy Bar 113

…more of the group waving back at us….Cowboy Bar 101Mary and Rich…..Cowboy Bar 083

..and then it was time to say GoodNite, …Gregg, Bob and Bill, chattin’ up the Indian……Cowboy Bar 141

…it was a night to remember, Texas style for sure!   More good memories, made and shared, and lots to be grateful for!!!


Bob and Molly said...

YOU are the BEST!!!!:)
Thanks for cooking dinner!!!
You know we love ya!!!

squawmama said...

Yupper it was like de-ja-vu (?) But even still I enjoyed it twice.... LOL LOL
Have fun & travel safe!