Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shop Till They Drop (guys that is)

We took off for Fredericksburg today and  started at the Wild seed Farms.  There were many flowers in bloom and it was great to just walk around enjoying the sights and the many shops they had.  The country side on the way there was totally in bloom and truly awesome.

fredrickberg 003

Bluebells, red bells and purple bells.

fredrickberg 007

Poppy field in bloom


fredrickberg 018

From there is was lunch time, sorry no pictures, but Chuck and Mac ate so much that Bob had to literally haul them out.

fredrickberg 029

From there it was on to some serious shopping at many of the original shops, and you might expect to see on the nightly news where the economy has picked up rather well in this area.

fredrickberg 037

Bob waiting patiently for the women shoppers.

fredrickberg 034

Tomorrow it is off to the Biker Bar for dinner.  Nothing but the best for us!  Life is Good!


squawmama said...

And the fun continues.... YEAH!!!
Travel safe

Bob and Molly said...

Funny!!! It WAS a fun day!!!
Those poor guys!!! :)