Friday, April 23, 2010

One Month At A Time

Days have turned into weeks, and my posting has been nil, nada and plain just not there, so will make a try at get caught up.

After leaving the RGV we spent a few days in Corpus Christi, and then we were off to Bourne, meeting up with friends for the “full-timers” rally.  Of course as usual we had to have a pre-rally to get in shape for the rally!  It was great seeing everyone and getting acquainted with some wonderful people that we had only heard or read about. 

rally2 014 

There were some great card games, food, happy hours, food, seminars, food and on it goes.  Molly put on a class of blogging that was very informative, and we had a impromptu  lesson on wire wrapping, loved that one, as had never tried anything like that before, an it was amazing how at the end when you started pulling the wires it all came together.

wire 010 

Then there was a geo caching seminar, and off they went in the rain to try there hand at it, with success. Some of our group put on a very entertaining skit one night,

rallytexas 023 

another night there was the brown bag exchange.  There was tacos-in-a-bag, and biscuits and gravy breakfast, and yes, it is all about FOOD.    Well, must have a little vino to bring it all together.

rally2 018 All good times must end, and hugs and waves were in order, but knowing that we will once again meet in Goshen for either Nick’s rally or the Escapees, come August.

We left Bourne on a should we, shouldn’t we note, as the weather was not looking too friendly, but we did fine.  We had a few showers, but all in all it was good.   Traveled about 300 miles, and about the same the next day.  Had meant to stay at the “free” campground in  , but there was road construction and the entrance was blocked, so we went down the road to another that we had stayed at before.  Did not even unhook, just took to the road in the morning and made it into Colorado Springs.  We are at a campground that we have stayed at before, and the only plus is that it is about 6 blocks from our daughter home.  That and the back of our 5er hangs over a river, so it is very private in that respect.

We were here to help celebrate our SIL’s birthday Wednesday at a very unique restaurant that was constructed around an airplane.  The great-grandchildren enjoyed that.

john's birthday 011

john's birthday 013

Guess you could say that “we” are in for repairs, Chuck is having hernia surgery and I have some weird thing going on with my joints an muscles.  I made a trip to urgent care and they ran some tests and I will be seeing a doctor Monday, hope they have some answers.  Chuck is scheduled to have his surgery done Wednesday, as an out patient, at least we are on the docket. 

So that about catches me up, hoping to get on the road once again soon. 


Bob and Molly said...

It's great to get your update....take care of yourselves and let us know what the doc's say. Tell Chuck-Bob to take it easy after they stitch him up!!!
Hugs to both of y'all!!

Jesse, Ginger, Bayer, Buddy, and Mr. B said...

You 2 take care of yourselves and tell Chuck to go easy on the nurses.
The restaurant looks like Solo. We had a company Christmas party there a few years ago.

Richard said...

Hey good to hear from you folks.Hope things go well with Chucks surgery and your appointment.Travel safe.

Rich & Mary

Mark and Dortha said...

Thanks for catching us up. Both of you are in our thoughts and prayers. We will be expecting a good report from you both.