Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

Just a few more days before we are on the road again.  Everything checked out with Chucks eye and he has his glasses ordered, which they promised to have ready come tomorrow, Friday.  They have Territory days in Old Colorado City, so we have decided to stay through the Memorial Day week-end and then get on our

I have been going to an Acupuncturist for the last week hoping to get some relief from my pain ,but does not seem to be of any help…damn.  Have a few more visits scheduled so will continue, very, very frustrating. Still above the ground, so that is good news.  Chuck played golf for the first time today, and he was quite happy to be back out there.  Said he only had one bad hole where the course ate his lunch.  The weather was gorgeous today, seemed like summer has gotten here finally. 

We have not done much the last few weeks.  Did fix a big spaghetti feed for some of our park neighbors and Cyndi & John.  Seen a few movies, a really wicked one….The Daughter, with Kevin Costner, not sure if I’m recommending it but it certainly  was different. 

Looking at our route upon leaving and what we are hoping to take in before getting to Vegas.  Have the Arches, Brice Canyon and  Zion.  Hope that the weather lets us get it in, hoping is about all we can do. 

Looking forward to having the wheels a’rolling, funny isn’t it?  Guess we were meant to roam.  Life is good. 

             smart ass


Leno said...

Sure glad Chuck's eyes are better. Not happy to hear you still have pain. Have they figured out what it is?
Nice that you will be traveling again. Stay safe and enjoy..
Hugs to you both..

Dortha said...

Life is good! I am so glad to hear that Chuck's eyes are getting better. I bet he will notice a big difference too when he gets his glasses. I am so sorry that your back isn't getting better. I know you wish they could figure it out.

Maybe a good trip will make it better. Sounds like you have one in the making.

Travel safe, enjoy Utah and I know there will no problem in enjoying Vegas.

Miss you guys...hugs and hugs!