Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Oh, it feels so good to be on the road again, much as we love visiting with our daughter and her family, and seeing how our great grand kids have grown, roaming has taken over our lives.  We left Colorado Springs at our usual travel time…9’ish.  Very easy drive and we settled in for the night at Grand Junction.  Lovely downtown area, we just drove around a bit, looking for a place to have dinner.  Today we only had a 120 mile trek to Moab.  The campground is very nice that we landed in, and the price to go with it, but for 2 nights, and it is only money….(sort of chocked on that). 

The scenery here is unbelievable.  And we have not been to either of the parks yet.  Tomorrow we are taking a guided 4 hour tour, can’t wait.

moab 069

This afternoon, I went to the pool, and some of the treatment that I received from the acupuncturist was a treatment that they call cupping.  This consists of small glass “fish” bowls that they put on you by lighting a flame in them for a second and sticking them on your body.  This causes a tremendous suction that leaves round black & blue bruises.  Well, my back and shoulder area is a mess, which I totally forgot about.  Got more than one strange look, but I had no idea why, till I got back and was getting undressed.  LOL

moab 087

  The view from our back window is breath taking, think I’ll just sit here and watch the sun set on it.  Wow, pictures could not do it justice.

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