Sunday, June 6, 2010

Only God can Make a Tree

But He does a heck of a job with rocks too.  We were so looking forward to seeing Bryce Canyon, as we have heard that it the absolutely most fantastic place ever.  We left our campground early and left it to Tommy, our GPS, to take us the scenic route.  And it certainly did.  Right up over the mountain! 

Bryce & Zion 015

Yes, that is snow.  We were in a Brian Head ski area.  Seeing snow this time of year, awesome, getting hit with a snowball, not so great, but I’m sure in a few days it will sound wonderful.          Bryce & Zion 019 

                                   Bryce & Zion 024

We are heading to Las Vegas to pick up our grandson, in a few days.  His parents are bring him down from northern California.  All the airlines have a layover and plane change, and being as he is only 11, we think it is a little too much for him to try.  Below is a forecast of what they are expecting for the weather.  And we will be there till our mail arrives.  Seems like it always takes the mail it’s sweet ole time if we are wanting to move on.  Maybe this time it will surprise us.

We are hoping to do the Grand Canyon with him before heading off to southern California, but if the weather does not cool down some, that may have to wait for another time.  That was to be the educational part of his trip with us, but sure we can find something else that would do.  San Diego always has wonderful weather, and there is a great military campground with a swimming pool and all.  Wonderful place for kids…also connected to a golf course, which works for the other kid.  He did get to play once before we left Springs, which made him happy.  Moving along.

   Bryce & Zion 033

A view from the road, still  with snow.

Bryce & Zion 130Entrance to Red Rock Canyon, which leaded to Bryce Canyon.

 Bryce & Zion 043Today was free entry to Bryce, not sure why, but it brought out the crowds, we have our Golden Age pass, so it is always free.  

Bryce & Zion 069

Pictures can Not do this justice, it is unbelievable.

Bryce & Zion 114

From there it was off to Zion National Park, which was about a 40 mile drive.  The weather was perfect, we stopped for a picnic, could not have been nicer.  We entered Zion on the back side, which meant the visitors center would be near our exit.  Basically, we needed no sight seeing directions, as there is only one road cutting it’s way through the most spectacular scenery imaginable.  We were both totally blown away. 

 Bryce & Zion 194Bryce & Zion 198


Bryce & Zion 256


Of all the parks we have seen the past week, Zion made the biggest impression for us.  The Arches has to be a close second.  With both those parks you feel like you a part of them, where as Bryce gave us the feeling that we were in an art gallery, looking down into the scene.  But that may be just  us, all three are a wonderful, wonderful treat.  From now on will always think of Garden of the Gods, in Colorado Springs, as the “little brother” to these wonders.

  Bryce & Zion 181

 Bryce & Zion 188

Bryce & Zion 249

"Don't worry about tomorrow, Don't think about yesterday, don't live in the future, just make it through today"  Life is Good.


roamingwhenwecan said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them.
Have fun in Vegas..Hope it cools a bit for you.

Speedy said...

When you have time let me know what route you took to get there. I know you pull a trailer and I always like to know what the best way to go to these places when you have to tow a trailer. Did I miss the place that you stayed at???

Mark and Dortha said...

Kathy...great trip today. Loved every picture.

And, yes...Life Is Good!

Hugs to you both.