Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We went and did it, we tried to come home, (Marysville/Yuba City) and we are having a great time seeing all our friends that are still here. Of course a few have taken up full-timing in the here after. Most of them though are still playing golf and bridge, and totally amazed that we find the life we are living, so enjoyable. Coming home is a two week visit, and we are off.

We are staying here till the 5th and then heading to the Oregon coast with some friends for a week. The heat has been over 100 the last few days, and dry or not it is HOT.

Anthony has practice every day, so he is really tired by the end of the day. This year is the last year he will be able to play in this age group and it sure shows. Some of the kids are so tiny, and he is big for his age. We get to see his first game, but if they win they don’t play again for 6 days. Thankfully the forecast is a cooling trend with a delta breeze.

Another surprise was that the bing cherries and early peaches are just hitting the fruit stands here, and words can not express how wonderful they are. Nothing comes close to the unbelievable taste. Everything is running late this year due to the late rains and cool weather, the size of the cherries is amazing. There is nothing as good in my book. Love them.

I did see my doctor here and bless his heart he gave me a prescription that is holding my pain on the back burner, and I’ll settle for that, at least I can function. Getting old is not for sissies!

Wishing everyone a Happy Fourth of July, this year sure has gone by fast, guess the rest is all down hill……..but hey, life is good.

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Cruzin2some said...

Love your blog. Hope you are feeling better soon