Monday, June 14, 2010

Vegas to San Diego

We arrived in Vegas at about the same time as the first heat wave.  The first few days it was well into the 110’s, which makes it hard to breath, at least deeply or often.  Yes, it is a dry heat, like it makes a difference when it is that hot.  We were staying at the base, and thought we would take a trip to the pool, but it was closed for repairs.  Thankfully our son  got into Vegas and they were staying at Circus Circus, making there pools available.  Luckily the heat was short lived, only 2 days.  We did some sight seeing, very little gambling, which means we were winners.  vegas 015

Display at the Bellagio, it was very different this year with giant ants, mushrooms and huge glass flowers, along with the gorgeous display of real flowers.  Then of course there is the dancing fountains, I could watch those all night.

vegas 022


Did take in the musical Menopause and it was hilarious, enjoyed it so, but my daughter in law forgot to drop the cookie crumbs and we like to never found our way back to the point the guys were picking us up.  Really need GPS in those places.


  With Vegas in the rear view mirror we were off.  As our grandson said, through the M.O.N, middle-of-nowhere.  We made it a short day, as our grandson was enjoying the ride so.


                                          Lunch Stop DSCN0045

Next Day……The Beach, the Beach

DSCN0061 I would have to say that he really loves the water, as he has been in for literally hours, and is ready to head back. And he has found some other boys, which makes our job a whole lot easier. And his more enjoyable, I’m sure. 


We are here till Saturday, which should give me enough time to get Chucks hands to turn loose of the steering wheel, driving through L.A. does not do any thing for his comfort zone.  But he did a wonderful job, and a few years ago he would not have attempted it.  Wahoo!!!!  We have tickets for the zoo, adventure wildlife park and marine world, so all those have to be taken in yet.  Life is good but our “old” rear ends are going to be dragging…..oh, to be young again.


Speedy said...

Sounds like you have dropped a fortune on all those tickets! G-Kids are so much fun...and expensive.

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Nothing like the water to cool things off. I like how you were winning in Vegas!