Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Three Parks In Three Days

We no sooner got settled in at the campground on the beach than we got word that our grandson, Anthony, had to be home by the 22nd for his All-Star baseball practice. We had known that our time would be shorter than we had planned, but did not think it would be that short. That left us very little time to do the parks we had tickets for. Our first choice was the San Diego zoo, and it was great. Anthony wanted lots of pictures, so we gave him the camera. He did well, I downloaded 385 for the day.

zoo 113

Getting them from some unusual angles to say the least!

zoo 062

Guess who is the real monkey?

zoo 256

The pandas were out for dinner, mother and the little one.

zoo 375

It was a wonderful day, the weather was absolutely wonderful, actually a little on the cool side, but with all the walking we did, we appreciated it. We took the tour bus, and they also had a hop on and off tram. The one bad thing was it did NOT stop at the exit, and we had planned our exit with a drop off there. Anthony was so lucky with his picture taking, seemed like the animals all were posing for him. The polar bears were playing in the water, the apes were right at the window, it was truly a delight full treat for Chuck and I to see him having such a great time.

The next day it was off to SeaWorld. Our photographer had a chance of heart so we had to take over the camera. The shows were great and the crowds were very light.

sea world 026

We went on the “shoot the rapids” ride, and it was a blast, that is until we went under a huge waterfall. We got totally drenched, and it was getting late in the day, so it had cooled down considerably. There were big hot air dryers, but being a cheapskate, we passed, they were 5 dollars for 3 minutes, like we were going to dry out in that time!

sea world 238

Walked over to the play area and there was this awesome climb and tumble structure, and Anthony was off. Chuck and I waited patiently, with our teeth chattering, but he was having such a good time that being the good grandparents we try to be, we waited and then waited some more. Finally, after an hour, we had to call it a day. Wonder where he possibly could find the energy to go like that.

sea world 256

sea world 118

Aaaawww, the last one. We were off later in the day, but planned ahead with a picnic lunch. The Wildlife Park is a part of the San Diego zoo, but most of the animals are not in cages. The park has tour buses that take you through the area and you get to see the animals in the wild. It is beautiful, but there was a lot of walking and Chuck and I were done in. And after the zoo and SeaWorld, Anthony was not that impressed.

wildlife park 004

Anthony had the camera back.

wildlife park 083

On the road to Marysville, California, the place we called home for 40 years. Love the way they plant the oleanders in the middle of the freeways. They grow so good there and the only water they get is from the rain and it only rains here a few months in the winter. Guess they like the exhaust fumes. What else could it be?

wildlife park 178

Off to meet friends for dinner, life is good.


Speedy said...

Sounds like our trips with the G-kids. We must all be sick to do some of the things we do for those kids???

Gypsy's Tales said...

What a great trip with Anthony - Good job with the camera. Aren't the G-kids just sooooooooooo much fun but their lives are so busy!! Seems like a trip you will all remember. Hope his game was a WIN! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Hugs
Bob/Chuck and Barb

Mark and Dortha said...

What fun and great pictures.

Some folks think we are all crazy for taking grandkids with us in the summer. But, we wouldn't miss it!

Sorry to hear your trip has to be cut short. Tell Anthony congratulations on being an All Star and good luck in the games.

Enjoy the time and the memories.


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Sounds like y'all had a great time. Thanks for the pictures.

They get you wet, and then charge $5 to dry you off. Whatever next?

Happy Trails, Penny, TX