Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This Is the California I Remember

Yes, the weather is finally getting to be the way I remember spring/summer in California. Basically we would have eight month or so of sunshine, followed by 3 to 4 months of fog, rain, generally not so nice, but we always could say at least we didn’t have to shovel it. This year it has been slow to get here, but do believe that it is here now. Happy, happy.

We have been busy connecting with friends, enjoying the last few ball games with our grandson. Chuck has been getting in quite a bit of golf, which makes him a happy guy. Time is flying by, before we know it, it will be over. We are leaving here Thursday for Monterey. Our grandson is going with us, he is finally out of school, and in the lull before all-star practice starts. Still not sure when that will be, so we are going and will deal with it. Either we have a nice get-away or it is cut short and his parents will come and retrieve him. But what ever we have 4 days, and we will take it.

Well we did it, put in the deposit for Jojoba Hills SKP park out side of Temecula. When I talked to them they said the wait time was only about a week, which I thought must be a mistake, but they said no. So we will see, don’t plan on going there till after Tennessee. The bad part is it overlooks the park that we fell in love with last year, the really pricey, private one, where the lots did not seem to sell all that fast. But you can't go wrong with a bunch of Escapees, so sure this will work fine for now.

ATD-at the doctor. BFF-best friend fell. BTW-bring the wheelchair. BYOT-bring your own teeth. FWIW-forgot where I was. GGPBL-gotta go, pacemaker battery low. GHA-got heartburn again. IMHO-is my hearing aid on? LMDO-laughing my dentures out. OMMR-on my massage recliner. ROFLACGU-rolling on floor laughing and can't get up, TTYL -talk to you louder!

Life is Good, RV Life is Even Better.


Leno said...

I am very excited for you that you made the decision for the SKP park in Ca...You will feel like you are home. I know how you love California..
Have fun in Monterey!
Hugs and see you in July..

Barb said...

Glad for you that you made a decision on a park, but does that mean we won't see you in The Valley anymore?

Jesse, Ginger, Bayer, Buddy, and Mr. B said...

Bob and Lynda Sody just moved there. They we at the first RV-Dreams rally. Good Luck