Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Anthony

What a great treat that we got to spend the day with him celebrating his 12th birthday.  His choice of what he wanted to do was to spend time at the Sky Zone.  Huge place that has 3 areas of trampolines, what fun, made me wish that I was a kid.  Wouldn’t work now, once I hit the mat it would be the end of story, no way could I get up from it.  But the kids got one heck of a work out, and loved every minute. 

birthday 010    birthday 011

Foam Pit

birthday 013    birthday 018


birthday 026

Dodge Ball

After that we went to see the Pirates of the Caribbean in 3D.  It was okay, have seen them all and the first was the best to me, could be cause it was new….. ya think?

We have been busy spending time with our son, DIL and grandson with his ball games.  They are over now, but he did make all-stars, so we will try and get a fast trip in before practice for that starts.  Had thought maybe going to Yosemite as this year, because of the massive snow pack melt, the water falls are awesome.  But think that for a 12 year old that would not rank too high on his bucket list.  So Monterey and the Redwoods that a are near by, seems a better choice.  Also the aquarium there is amazing.  And the cherry on this sundae, I’ll get my ocean fix! 

Chuck has played some golf and got to see a lot of his buddies, he also went to his Lions meeting.  And yesterday I drug him to play bridge, but we won’t be doing that again.  Sad to see how that group has dwindled, bridge is a dying game, so many people had passed.  When my friend and I started playing 25 years ago they referred to us as the kids in the group, sad to say but there aren’t really any kids in the group now.

Last night some of our golfing friends had a cook out and we got to spend the evening talking about the good “ole days”.  Great time, and even though I had a camera in my purse and two in the truck, not one picture did I get. 

Time has been flying by, seems we are busy every day.  Staying on the base is not the ideal situation because of the distance to town, but the campground has been rated the 3rd best of the military.  And tend to agree, great facilities.  And the price is right.  Weather here has been pretty good, although it has been cool for California, and we have gotten rain about 4 times in the past two weeks, once again very unusual for this time of year.

Till the next time.

Life is Good.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Happy Birthday, Anthony!

Barb said...

Glad to hear you are having a good time in California and spending time with Anthony. We are watching the two youngest grandkids when Jared and Kaci are at work. We get Monique's two youngest on Thursday. We will bring all four to a Jellystone Park past Baton Rouge Mon.-Fri. Hope we can survive this. The following week, we leave for our trip to Oregon and Wyoming with a stop in Kansas City to visit Roger's family. We will also stop at Estes Park, CO.

Speedy said...

Well it is good to see that you two are not in trouble. Appears you are having fun and that is good. Would really like to see you both again...but until then stay safe.

Joe and Sherri