Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Salt Lake City

Easy travel day, little rain when we first got on the road around 9 AM, but once that passed. super travel day. Chuck decided to leave Springs one day sooner than we had originally planned due to weather moving in. And this morning I had to congratulate him on his fore sight. That hurt, to have to tell him he was right……..once again. Darn.

Wow, RV parks are sure starting to hold their sites at a premium. Last night we paid 35 and tonight 39, both with a Good Sam discount. Tomorrow have us going into a Passport America, 17.50. That will be in Winnemucca. Thank goodness for audio books, traveling through these desolate states. Not too much to take your mind off of mile after mile. Listening to one now that has 12 discs so should take us all the way in.

Decided to eat in tonight, stopped at the store picked up a few things and will save more than a few dollars. Well, not exactly. bought gas, which was 4.10 a gallon, better than yesterday at 4.21.

Life is Good.

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Gypsy's Tales said...

Gotta save some how!! The cpgds are sure pricing themselves out - not like they are making huge improvements etc. Have fun, enjoy the book and travel safe