Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moving On

We left Colorado Springs this morning, heading for California. Decided that we would take a different route and by pass Denver. This was 24 heading west out of Springs. Two lane road, and hilly and winding, but beautiful drive.

colorado leave 028

Mapped it out and it read that the highest elevation was just over 9000 feet, but when we were at the top, signs were saying well over 1100. So much for map-quest. And yes that is a lot snow, but as you can see the sky was ever so blue. We did see a huge herd of elk and another of antelope. There were also quite a few deer along with a huge big horn sheep. And NO, I do not have one picture to show, there was no stopping as we just plain flew past them. Bummer.

colorado leave 008

Once we got to I-70, it was smooth sailing the rest of the way into Grand Junction.

school meet 008

The roll is just too big for her little hand, but she figured it out just fine!

school meet 004

Think these two could wrap “Po” around their fingers pretty fast?

school meet 017

school meet 019

Roinn had his last track meet while we were there. Even in kindergarten they were running the 400. It was so inspiring as the kids were coming down the home stretch everyone would start cheering, and the coaches were there to run in with the last few. Very nice.

Tomorrow we are planning to make Salt Lake, not even 300 miles, so should be no problem, as long as we have no problems.

Life is Good.


Leno said...

Safe travels my friends. Have fun and see you in a few months...
Adorable pictures!

squawmama said...

Great photos... the kids are so darn cute.
Have fun & Travel safe