Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stuck in Reno

We are hoping to see Reno in the rear view mirror tomorrow, but have to wait and see if Donner Pass is open to high profile vehicles.  Kids left today, but we decided we would give it a day or two to calm down some.  Wind is really bad, and there is even snow falling……..where did spring go?  It was great meeting the kids here, but now wish that we had just gone the rest of the way into California.  Reno is not a place that we like to spend time in anymore.  It has gotten dirty and run down, and everything comes with a high price.  Besides can’t wait to surprise our grandson who still has no idea we are coming.  So excited.

Friday night we did go to see the Bill Engvall show, and it was very good.  He is one of the Redneck Comedy guys, Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the cable guy, and there is a third, but can’t remember his name.  Anyway the show was so funny, you laughed from start to finish, and not a foul word in the entire performance.  So refreshing.  Did a little gambling, and just been hanging out.  Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow and we are out of here.  No matter, Life is Good.

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

The show sounds like fun, even if the town is not. Never have been to Reno and it seems that we have not missed much.