Friday, May 13, 2011

Winnemucca Is the Place to Be

Rather long drive today, 370 miles, which for us is not something that we do very often.  However driving through Nevada does not leave you too many places to stop.  And as luck would have it we had a tire develop  a fast leak, thank heavens for Pressure Pro.  It was a beeping as soon as the tire began loosing air, so we were able to pull off safely And with the tire intact, and no damage to the 5th wheel.  However road service was to be at least 2 hours, but in a little over an hour we were back on the road. And we had a nice lunch, Chuck got a fast 40 winks, all is well that ends well. 

044Today as we were zipping along at 60+ miles an hour, couldn’t help but think of the pioneers, in their wagon trains. 

                               089111What they endured crossing this vast country I can’t even imagine.  


Art on the salt flats.

114Bonneville salt flats under water.



078Salt being extracted from  the water.

Tomorrow  our destination is Reno, where we are meeting our son and DIL.  They are there for the week end on a bowling end-of-the-season league party.  Will be great to see them again, but our grandson is not coming as he has ball games.  And he does not know that we are here so it will be a big surprise when we do see him, just can’t wait to give him a big hug.  He is our only grandson that we lived close to so we spent a lot of time with him in his early years.  Missed him a lot, sure will be great to spend time with him again.

Life Is Good


Gypsy's Tales said...

Great Pictures - Day off today so we will go to the Trade Days, Farmers Market and some other errands Safe Travels Glad you got the tire repair quickly Hugs to you both

Barb said...

Safe travels! Enjoy your trip and being with family.Glad you caught the tire problem early with no damage!

Barb and Roger