Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Donner Summit

We laid over in Reno an extra day as a late snow storm was making its way through the Sierras.  The kids left Sunday during the tail  end of it, and took them 8 hours to drive the 125 miles.  Come Monday we had a short window of opportunity to make it over the summit, and we left about 9 AM, the sun was out, no wind, and dry roads. What a beautiful drive, with all the snow looking so pristine, wow.

donner 017

Really late in the year for a storm of this size to come through.  The few ski resorts that are still open were very happy, along with the stores getting rid of the winter supply of tire chains, know because our son had to buy a set.  Two inches of snow is enough for them to require chains in California. 

donner 027

donner 035

California is known as the land of fruit and nuts, (and don’t think it is cause what grows on trees) but it sure is nice to see the price of bing cherries this time of year.  Makes up for it  with the price of gas.  Although gas isn’t too much higher than what we have been paying on the way out here.

donner 048

Needless to say we bought more than enough cherries.  We made our way to Beale AFB, which is about 12 miles from our sons house, cause the park we usually stay at was full.  The park on base is great, one of the best, but just so far from everything and everybody.  Oh well, six of one, half dozen of another. . 

donner 049

We went to the school to pick up our grandson, and as he was expecting one of his parents cars it took a few minutes for him to realize who these people were that were waving and hollering at him.  He was so surprised, and embarrassed that he didn’t recognize us right away, it was so great to see him again.  Sunday is his birthday so we are planning a special day.  He also had requested, before we got here, that he wanted to go camping, so after school is out, June 5th, we will have to take care of that too.

During our first night here though, a raccoon got into the main electrical system and chewed half the base into a blackout.  Come morning they told us that it would be at least all day without power so we headed for town.  Got back about 8 last night and still no power, although it did come back on about an hour later. Finally got on the computer, awful how attached we get to these darn things. 

Life is Good.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great snow pictures, if a bit scary!

Leno said...

Nothing like fresh snow if you don't have to live with it all the time and get out to work...Beautiful pictures!

Molly and Bob said...

Love the photos, the cherries and the beautiful grandkids! Y'all travel safely and we'll see you on the road!

squawmama said...

Great photos and how nice surprising your grandson... FUN!!!
Have fun & Travel safe