Friday, May 20, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Thursday night was our grandsons ball game and we were excited to see him play.  His team was a winner, and he got some hits, and had a hand in getting a run down out when the runner tried to steal third. baseball 001Just three more games before the season is over, then there will be all-stars if he makes the team.  He loves baseball, but not like his dad did. 

baseball 003

He lived it, dreamed it, even would be playing in his sleep.  There was many a time he would be sound asleep, hollering “I got it, I got it”, or “the plays at home”.

We met some of our good friends for dinner before the game, and that almost didn’t take place.  We had talked earlier in the day and decided on Mexican food.  There are 2 great places here and we were meeting at one, but talked about the other.  Yep you know what is coming, we were waiting at one they were at the other.  Tried calling, but no answer on their cell phones, but we got the number for the other restaurant and sure enough, there was a couple waiting there.  So finally got together, by then I had had a second margarita so not sure how the food was, but  our time together was great. 

Today we spent around the RV, gave it a good wash and just had as down day.  Even cooked dinner, well, I did a great job warming it up,  cabbage  rolls, veggies, ect.  Got them at Costco and they were so good.  As usual there was too much, so it will making its appearance again in review.  My word for left-overs.

Life is Good

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Leno said...

Oh, how fun you get to see him play ball. I love baseball..He must be thrilled to have you there.