Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun With Grandson

Anthony’s last season game went into the books with a W, although it was trying to be a squeaker, they pulled it out.  We decided he would spend the night with us so we would have an easier route to start.  Got on the road about 9 and traffic was good, little heavy in Sacramento, but Chuck manages just fine, with me white-knuckling it. 

aquarium 035

Wine on the vine, and lots of the rolling coastal hills.

aquarium 036

No sooner had we remarked that it looked like we would get there at our estimated time, than traffic came to a stand still.  Slowly we moved forward, but only to be directed to a country “lane”.  Had we know what we were to be traveling on we would have waited it out.  Very hilly, quite narrow, lots of overhanging trees and absolutely no way to turn around.  We were lucky to have only lost the twirley thingy top on the bathroom vent.  Once we found out the reason for the detour, a woman had stopped to help some one and been killed, loosing a vent, no big deal.  And we got smell some roses along the way.

aquarium 041

We are staying at the Marine base language school camp ground, at Monterey.  There are about 30 FHU sites, behind the golf course, an we are lucky our location does not tend to have errant balls flying into it.  (But as I’m writing this Chuck and Anthony are out playing, so it could happen.) Not the best military campgrounds, but location can’t be beat.  We have come to this area for years and we had a favorite restaurant, The Fishwife, so once we were set up we headed there.  Either our taste buds have changed or the food was just so-so, but we will not be going back again. 

The next day we were off to the aquarium, and it was all we remembered and more.  Weather is on the cool side with the fog bank never burning off.

aquarium 268

Will only post a few pictures as there are so many.

aquarium 102

 aquarium 137

Anthony’s favorite in the touch ponds, the sea cucumber, I thought so too.

aquarium 164

  Although these were unusual too.      aquarium 144

The “good sport”, only his nana could talk him into posing for this picture. 

aquarium 180


aquarium 199

aquarium 226Some of the really unusual.

aquarium 202aquarium 211aquarium 212







Seahorses, the males get pregnant.

aquarium 206

Then we were off for a short drive up the coast and over to Salinas to an RV supplier to replace the part we had lost.

aquarium 234

The end of day 1.

aquarium 251

Life is Good, RV Life is Better


Luci & Loree said...

Wasn't that leafy seadragon incredible??? Don't know how many pictures i took of them. We loved our day at the Aquarium.

Gypsy's Tales said...

Great pictures Anthony looks like he is having a super time as I know you are. Will be in CT tomorrow and Graduation is Thurs.
Hugs, Barb & Bob