Friday, April 19, 2013


Time tends to just fly by, can not believe that it is over a week since our friends left.  Been busy getting ready for a margarita party that we are putting on to raise some funds for the bridge club.  Hope they don’t get out of control, you know how wild those bridge players can get…lol.
DSC04339Pictures of the flower fields of Carlsbad, California.  The day we went with Barb & Bob, was the one day that the weather decided to turn half way ugly.  And their time was limited so we had to go.
Flower fields, Carlsbad, CA
DSC04328Flowers in the parking lot
\We weren’t up to walking around in the weather that day, so took a ride to San Diego.
DSC04343Before we knew it, they were hooking up their car and on their way. Enjoyed having company, loved being able to cook for more than just two people, living 15 miles from town, sort of forces us to eat at home, than make the trip.  Sure helps the budget, but some how manage to make it all even out.
Our plans going forward seem some what dim, we have not made up our minds yet.  Our daughter and hubby, along with our 2 greats are coming out around the first of June for about 10 days or so.  Once they leave we will head out for the Escapade in Gillette, but where after that is still up in the air.  What to do, where to go???  I’m sure a plan will come together.  

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Jill said...

Those fields of flowers look amazing! I want to go there!