Friday, July 19, 2013



After spending a week, relaxing and playing tourist, we moved to the Hart Ranch.  It is a lovely campground just outside of Rapid City.  Seems to be a top quality RV resort.  We would seriously consider becoming a member, but because we have the next 24 month pretty much penciled in, and none of it in this area, it is something we will file away.

We met 2 couples that are friends who spend time in Jojoba Hills with us.  Also bridge players, so we managed to get in  couple of games, so we all got our bridge fix.  And of course eating, one night Mexican, then Rich fixed his amazing hamburgers.  Amazing that we could fit it in our mouths!


They were so good.  The time just flew, and before we even seemed to get started we were into our farewell dinner.  We could nor pass up the Alpine Café in Hilltop.  A little walk before we began the wait for dinner, some of the hand crafted statues that are created literally of nuts and bolts along with anything else that would fit,


The horse was beautiful, the donkey quite creative, and the man was well…..enough   said.




We were and hour early, yes the people do line up for a setting when the doors open.  They opened the bar, so we were inside and the time went fast, it was like a huge family get together, and everyone was enjoying the togetherness.  We had stopped at a winery before arriving here, and the wine tasting had been rather extensive, at least on my part.  Here we are getting started with salads, great steaks, and yes, we did partake ofNew folder some of their 29 desserts.


We were absolutely stuffed, but one we got back to the RV we decided that we could managed just a few more hands of bridge.  But we didn’t last too long, and some of us were planning an early morning.  During the night a storm came through and the thunder had us sitting right up in bed a few time.  But morning brought sunshine and we were off to our next adventure. 

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