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We enjoyed a weeks visit with all in Colorado, daughter, Cyndi, SIL, John, our grandson and wife, Robert and Kerstin, but the best was seeing our great grand babies again.  They are so precious, and smart and cute, and and and…did I mention smart?  Went with them to a science fair down town.  It was very interesting for kids, there was all kinds of things that engaged their little minds.  Here they are painting a car, but they were so careful, basically leaving their just finger prints on it. 



Here is a booth you wouldn’t catch Chuck near, mushrooms, all types that grow in Colorado.


Then there was the funny car.


We did get to work on the storage unit, and it went rather quickly.  We took very little, seems a whole lot easier letting things go when you hardly remember them.  We loaded the few things we decided that we could put to use out here and that was it.  The kids are working on getting all the spruce up work they want to do before they put the house into the vacation rental pool.  Sure hope it works out for them.  To us it seems like theirs is a much bigger undertaking than ours was.  But then again they will still have the house if they decide to move back into it.  Then again they are going overseas. We had a great time, although they had to work some, and Chuck's breathing was not so good.  The elevation really got to him this time.  We decided to leave a day early, and hard to believe, but the RV park gave us a refund for that day.  We didn’t even ask, just wanted to let them know we were leaving as the park was staying pretty full.  Goldfields RV Park, passport America, and they take it for the entire stay.  Not much of a park, but close to everything, and for us just a few blocks from our daughters.  (Glad we left when we did as the rains came and we would have been land locked as they closed the road we used to get out.)

Then we were off, had a great audio book, and the miles just flew by.


We arrived in Albuquerque around 3, and checked in to a P.A. park, and as we were making our way to the site, spotted this couple outside that looked oh so familiar. Well, be darned, it was our friends that live here at Jojoba, but we had last seen them at Hart Ranch in North Dakota.  Of course we had to have a game of hand & foot.  Girls rule!  Next morning we were off, in and out of rain.  Luckily it never was too bad.  We had been batting around stopping and taking the train to the Grand Canyon, but the elevation was troubling.  Decision was made for us when we got there it was raining the hardest of the day, so we just pushed on. 


Scared Indian mountain, aka tourist trap.


We drove along the Colorado River and there were some very nice campground, especially on the California side of the river. 




We made it into a rather long drive, 500 plus miles, but the book was good.  Spent the night in Lake Havasu, the home of the London Bridge.  Been a long time since we have been there and the town has really grown.  Next morning we were off across the desert.  Glad we were a day late, looked like it had really rained in that area, lots of the “dips” still had mud and plenty of water on the side.  For quite a distance the road and the railroad tracks are side by side, and this is a mystery, there are no people living any where near, very little traffic.  Yet all this rock graffiti was next to the tracks. Ran for miles.


DSC04681 DSC04678

Then we were in Palm Springs, and it was getting hot.


We decided to grab something to eat before we tackled the mountain to “home”.  Yes we were taking the road I swore I would never travel on again, but we were just pulling the “Little Guy” so it did not seen so daunting.


Not only does the road look like this on the GPS, it fails to show you that it is going up, up and away till you get to the top. Down is not too bad.

We arrived at Jojoba Hills about 2 in the afternoon, and even though we had a great time this summer it was wonderful to be here.  And let me tell 400 square feet feels so spacious.  We love the little trailer, it is wonderful, park it anywhere, and that is the main reason we wanted it.  Taking it to Alaska next year will do just fine.  Having new love for the Damnearahouse, with its 4 slides and all though.

So that brings our summer adventure to a close.  Now it is on to doctor appointments and all that good fun.  By the way Chuck is breathing so much better, but he is still seeing the doctor.  Till next time.

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