Tuesday, February 18, 2014

All is Well in the Land of Oz

It does not seem possible that three months have passed since my last post.  We have been so busy, and then there are those darn ole doctor appointments that seem to get more frequent as the years go by, and this year has been a doozy!  Beginning to think that we have not missed a one and have yet to find out if we will live to fight another year. And Chuck also had his macular degeneration in one eye go wet, which now involves him having to get a shot directly in the eyeball each month.  Hurts me to even think about it, although he say there is no pain at all. So our summer plans are on the back burner until we get some results, but we are still hoping to make the trek to Alaska.  Enough of aches and pain.

We have really been blessed with gorgeous weather this winter, although the drought will surely hurt come summer, and the poor farmers and ranchers, which will hurt us all in the grocery stores. We have had a few friends pop in for a visits and we have enjoyed showing off the area.  We have been lucky and been able to secure sites that were located very close to us.  This is a big park and quite hilly at that.  We did have a chance to purchase a used golf cart from someone who was leaving, so now we have a his & hers, which makes it nice.  Plus when we have company it will also add to their comfort.  Chucks sister and BIL will be here next month for 3 weeks and we are so looking forward to their visit.  They will be staying in our travel trailer which we now refer to as our guest house. For those of you who know me I’m sure you are saying “how nice, how very very nice”. (private joke)

For Christmas, Chuck got me the tools, aka, saw, drill, wood burner, ect. that are used to work with gourds, so I have been getting into that. 

DSCF3559Gourd done as a flamingo

DSCF3563I’m trying to reproduce this one.  Never let it be said that I have to walk before I try running.  If you start with something really hard, then coming down will be easy.  There are some very talented people who make great works of art, we have a lot of the  paints and decorative items in our craft room which makes getting started easier. They have also gotten the art center trailer fully functional, and now they have started plans for a second one that will house potters wheels and a kiln outside.  This is truly becoming a place where we will not have to leave, if only we can get food delivered.  We already have Swanns, so it wouldn’t take much.

Yesterday we spent lunch at a retirement home that may be in our future, distant future we hope.  By putting a small retainer down they make you VIP’s, which entitles us to a monthly meal, which is very nice, they have an awarding winning chef. Of course if you decide that you will not be moving in the deposit is refundable, so not sure how we could lose. Yesterday was a chocolate lovers lunch.  


   Margarita Salad    Filet w/crabmeat crust     Chocolate Cake

It was delicious!  Then last night the Art club was doing a fund raiser with a soup supper, so a day with out cooking.

My small cactus garden that I planted a few years ago is in full bloom and looking every so pretty.  Surprising how fast they have grown, thought cactus was slow, but these are on a drip system and seem to be thriving. 


Hopefully my next blog update will be full of plans for summer travels.  Till then we are enjoying our winter home. 


Anonymous said...

Miss you guys!

Jesse, Ginger, Bayer, Buddy, and Mr. B said...

RETIREMENT HOME ! Say it ain't so!

Speedy said...

Well we just bought our retirement home and have been busy fixing it up. are you in a Park Model now? It sure looks nice where you are. Take care...we miss you both

Joe Sherri and Kris

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Good luck to you and your endeavours. I hate needles - and in the eye! Sorry for your troubles.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.