Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Behind Door Number Two

Well, they do say you can't have
too much truck!
Our microwave door finally arrived.....12 days from Colorado Springs, guess the postal service is fixing the unemployment problem by hiring bicycle carriers. Once we replaced the door, we were back on the road the next day. Seems like our life revolves around doors.
First the refrigerator, then microwave, luckily we discovered
the opening latch on the front door before it fell
off. And don't you know that it would have happened when we
were locked out.

The Escapees park was a great stop, there was a lot going on and the time just flew. We felt like we were looking into our future, most of the people living there full time were once doing what we are now. It is not a pretty picture, yet a very happy one, everyone was totally glad they did what they did. And no one regretted having given it all up. Plus they are still living the good life surrounded by friends, and the travelers stopping in sort of keeps them in the loop. We are now in a lovely park, situated not too far from a railroad crossing, (but then aren't most) in Victoria. Actually it is a nice park, the railroad being the only drawback. We plan to be here for at least a week before continuing down the road.

Yesterday we went to Sams Club, and they asked if Chuck was a veteran, and having made a career of the Air Force, his answer of yes, got him a gift of a folding cane. Not kidding, we laughed so hard, plus there were coupons for the hugo walker, bengay, gas-x and more. Guess the thought was nice, but hey???

The "old" man is out on the golf course today, the smile on his face was pretty big. Bless his heart, it has been almost a month, what with the rain and all. Nothing much in Livingston in the way of golf, but his prospects are much better here. Nolan and Donna are here in the park and are coming over later. Glad they are back out here again now that Nolans heart problems are taken care of, aka curve in the road.

Our granddaughter (mother of those two great babies) who
was in the finals for Wheel of Fortune did not make the
final cut. She was really bummed, but it did have
everyone excited for a while there. Oh well, back to the real world.

That about does it for now, life is good.

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