Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunshine and Good Times

Matilda Awaits
Stopping in Victoria our plans were for a week, but we have extended that to a few more weeks. We wanted (well "I") to see the Christmas lights on the river in San Antonio. But I had not realized that they did not light up till after Thanksgiving. So instead of taking the RV to that area, we are planning to spend the night in a hotel and take in all the holiday sights. Driving at night is not something we do any more. But that is all a few weeks off.
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As for now we are enjoying our time here, have met some of our neighbors, and Donna & Nolan are here for a few more weeks too. We took a ride the other day to Rockport, and checked out some of the RV parks and had lunch at the Big Fisherman. It was a perfect day, sunny with just a light breeze.


What did you bring me?

Yesterday was a day of what to do, what to do. Ended up making a HEB run and had lunch at a restaurant with down home cooking. They did have homemade rolls that were outstanding. Sure that we will be making a return visit. Donna and I decided that we would start a puzzle, and once we got started we became determined that we would finish. And we did! But today my neck was rather stiff. Chuck found some golfing pardners and they went out today. Guess it was not a good day as they were talking about having to go back tomorrow to plant the corn as they dug up the course.

Life is good, all is well, God Bless.


Joe and Sherri said...

Well let me know what you thought about the RV Parks in Rockport. We are still trying to decide which one we would like to stay at this year.

Bob and Molly said...

Happy Thanksgiving guys...miss you both and hope you have a wonderful holiday!