Friday, December 4, 2009

It Can't Be December!

Where did the time go? I swear we were not that busy and although we were under the weather for a few days, there just is no excuse for my being so remiss in up dating the blog.
Okay, enough.
We spent our time in Victoria mostly checking out the restaurants. Did find a few that were quite good, and seen a couple of great movies. The Blind Side is fabulous, and Old Dogs, was a good laugh out loud movie. It did not have good reviews, but I've come to the conclusion when that is the case it will be a good movie for us average.......well maybe below average people. Speaking for myself only.
We went with Donna and Nolan one day to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge to see the whopping cranes as they migrate to that area. Actually the only cranes we seen were in the learning center/gift shop. But we did come across some gators and a wild hog with three little ones. Getting out of the truck was not an option as the mosquitoes were flying in hordes. When the truck stopped they covered the windows just drooling. Only place I've seen them like this was in Alaska.
We had planned to move the first of the month to Choke Canyon State Park for a few days, and being it is only about 50 miles from San Antonio, we could do the night lights and still drive back to the RV. But the weather just did not want to
cooperate. We had lots of rain for a few days, nice over Thanksgiving, but the forecast
for the days we had plans, just were miserable.
And looking in the rear view mirror, we made
the right choice, as they are even having snow.
So we are settled down in the Rio Grande Valley, and
the weather is still not all that good. But
it is looking up starting tomorrow.
Today I worked on Christmas decorations. Hung a 18 foot garland over the living room
slide, and will hang my ornaments on it. Christmas has always been my
passion, I would decorate for days, but all those are in storage. So one of
my little indulgences has been buying an ornament from different areas we have
spent time in. Being as we have been on the road for almost 3 years I have
acquired quite a few. And they all have memories of
our new life.
Beautiful pavilion
We decided to stay at Alamo Palms here in the valley, and although the site are
on the small side, think it will do us just fine. Lots of activities and we are close to everything.
But we only booked for a month, that way
if it does not suit us
we are off.
Hope that every ones Thanksgiving
was wonderful.


Roger and Barb said...

So glad you updated your blog! We love reading where you've been and all you have seen. We're staying at Alamo Rose and will be arriving on Dec. 31 for the month of Jan. We should be close to you.

Barb and Roger

Leno said...

Hey there, have been wondering what you were up to.. Glad you made it safely to the Valley. We will be there in Feb. staying in Harligen, so hope you will still be around the area. I'm sure Kevin will be glad to hook up for some golf. Stay in touch.