Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Warm Days & Hearts

Matilda playing Santa
We have gotten settled right in. Have met a lot of nice people already. A very happy
friendly resort atmosphere. We are already thinking that
we will be extending our stay here. Other than our day to day to
day activities, which I'm not that big on writing about,
days are just going by. Golf, cards, pool and even going to try our hand at shuffleboard.
We are planning to help with the food baskets
and the delivery of them. Plus there are
several parties in the plans. Have not been into Mexico yet. There was
a serious shoot out there a few days ago, and they are telling
the people that cross over to do volunteer work to give it
some time before coming over. Works for me, they use
real bullets over there! So when we do go
will be sure and leave word where we have
went, you know, just in case.
Got my Christmas packages in the mail
yesterday, and beginning to think
it would be cheaper to send them first class, especially
to California. Cost as much to mail them as buy them!
Well, this is all for now, big hugs, remember to smell
the roses, especially during the "season".

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Joe and Sherri said...

I take it this is Alamo Palms?? Sounds like a real nice place. Does the wind blow there all the time? I sure wish we were headed down south...