Thursday, January 21, 2010


There is a small “burger joint” not too far from where we we staying, although for the rest it is a little drive.

lunch gonzalas 004

But this place proves the point of give them great burgers and they will come.  They have no outside signs, only a open sign in the window, and their  are hours are according to how long the meat holds out.  They bring in 2-3 hundred pounds a day, and when it is gone, they turn the sign to closed.  Pretty simple, but when you see it, it is truly amazing.

lunch gonzalas 010

And the line goes on

lunch gonzalas 011

and out the door!

lunch gonzalas 006 

lunch gonzalas 007

Chucks lunch

lunch gonzalas 008

My lunch

lunch gonzalas 012

Mac & Netter sharing

lunch gonzalas 013

Dortha giving it her full attention while Mark is waiting patiently for his half.

Once again, Donna & Nolan managed to evade the camera. 

Really loving the new computer, know that it is waaaay more computer than I need, but better more than less, right?  The weather is absolutely wonderful, think it calls for a trip to the pool, so I’m off.


Anonymous said...

How Bob would love that burger joint - No matter where we go to eat he orders a burger - only exception Italian. Glad you are up and computer running again!!
Enjoy the nice weather we are finally getting snow 22"s the last two nights Snow at night but sunny and warm 36++ in the day so clean up is easier than if it was cold more snow due tonight.
Barb, Bob & Chuck when I can find him
Not cleaning up snow I Bet!!

Joe and Sherri said...

Send me the way more than you need cause mine is not doing to well now. Have fun and I will follow you.