Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Did not fall off a cliff, get eaten by a giant grasshopper or been spending time in rehab. Got my new computer the other day and then comes the fun part of setting it up. The only real problem that I had was my air card would not work on Windows 7. Got a new one today, but not working like advertized. The good news is we have very good wi-fi here, so can just hop on it.

jan2010 007

For a few days there Mitilda was looking to head out for warmer places. We were going through propane like no ones business. We pay for our own electric here so there is no choice of what we heat with. But it has been wonderful the last few days.

We have been busy doing a whole lot of nothing……well, getting reconnected with a lot of people we have met along the way the last few years. And that is great, it is amazing how so much time can pass yet it is like we have just seen each other last week. Roger & Barb are not far from us and we went to an Escapees luncheon. The next day we met up with the “Dreamers”.

There was Mark & Dortha

jan2010 009

Mac & LaNette

jan2010 016

Roger & Barb

jan2010 011

Ed & Marilyn

jan2010 013

Jessie & Ginger

jan2010 010

Also there were Donna and Nolan, but there were no pictures of them, The Best Half of Our Life just have to check them out. Everyone is here in the valley for a few months or more, before going different routes again.

I really twisted Chucks arm and we are taking bridge lessons. I’m surprised how much bridge has changed, and that he is enjoying the lessons very much. Now we will see if we can actually play together.

Saturday was a golf tournament, and as usual the weather did not cooperate, cold and windy, but the day before and the day after, wonderful. Plus we had to be there ready to tee off by 8:00AM. I actually gave some thought to getting ready the night before and sleeping sitting up. Early morning and I are not on friendly terms. Getting up is not the problem, getting going is!

We did attend a Pressure Pro seminar put on by the McFalls, and we now own a unit. I’m feeling better already. Felt like we were pushing our luck, and the third time might just do us in. Also got the Bose system installed and a flat panel TV for the bedroom. We installed it so it can also go outside, which will be wonderful when our grandson is with us this summer for the wii. Course we can we can use it out there now too. Just a little close inside to golf on the wii. One project to go yet and that is installing a shelf under the desk for the printer. Chuck will be one Happy Camper when it is all behind him. Carpentry is not a high point for him.

Using livewriter (thanks Dortha) it is wonderful.

Life is Good.

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roamingwhenwecan said...

Good to hear from you again. When I got my new windows 7, I had to have an update for my air card to work.
Looking forward to see you both in a few weeks....