Saturday, February 27, 2010


Wow, the time has just flown by.  I’ve been back from my trip to Wisconsin for Aunts funeral for a couple of weeks now.  Glad that I went, and flying was not too bad, hand carried my luggage as I had to change planes 3 times and sure wanted a change of clothes while I was there.  Those people that live there are hardy souls.  They go out in below zero weather, cut a hole in the ice and fish for hours and then call it fun!  Brings real meaning to flash frozen.  The fish are sure good though.

Nothing much has happened in the past few weeks, a few get together with the Dreamers, who are fixing to leave us in a few days.  We did have a Girls day out the other day and it was a real kick. There were 8 of us and we first hit the restaurant supply, then it was off to a Vintage Tea Room.

Feb 2010 048

  Must say from the outside it did not look to promising, but……..we had a great time. Moral of the story, never judge a book by the cover.Feb 2010 035    

It was a funky eclectic atmosphere  and we were invited to get in the spirit of the times by dressing in the clothing that was found through out the rooms.

Netters looking good.Feb 2010 038Love hats, hate hat hairFeb 2010 025                                       

                                         Feb 2010 030Arlene, hats suit you!

                                      Feb 2010 029

                        Dortha, hmmmmm

Our lunch decision was very easy too, chicken salad or chicken salad sandwich.  Peach tea, iced or hot.  But the laughs we had were continuous..

Putting the Tea Room in the rear window, we headed for a Rio Grande experience, a ROPA.   Where these clothes come from I have no idea, but they are baled….yes….just like hay.  People do go there and dig, sift, sort and all the rest looking for a bargain.  We did spot one thing, but just left it lay.

Feb 2010 050Neiman Marcus bag

Actually we were very careful not to touch anything. Note the two women in the pile.

Feb 2010 049

ROPA,  it is 10 cents a pound, over priced by a dime.


We did do a little shopping, but everything was on a hangar.  After arriving back at Netters RV, waited for the guys to get back from the golf course and once they did, the biggest swarm of mosquitoes followed them that we had to make a run for the truck.

This is one Olympia match you will not be able to see on TV.

o winners   But they were 2nd in pinochle…(card game) in the Senior Olympics.

Sure hope that the weather we had today is what we are going to see more of from here on, it was wonderful, low 80’s, just what we have come to expect here, unfortunately there has been very little of it this year.

We are still trying to get to Mexico one last time, but the weather and the gun fights have made it nigh impossible up to now, but we will play it by ear, if we make fine, if not, oh well.

Feel like I’ve caught this blog up some what, life is good. 


roamingwhenwecan said...

Going to miss you guys..

Randy and Terry said...

Oh, my. That ROPA thing made my skin crawl! I don't like yard sales or "bargain" sales because of digging through piles of stuff. That picture just confirmed my aversion! :)

Sure looks like y'all are having fun together, though!

Barb said...

Hi! Glad you survived your trip in the cold weather. I"m sure it made you miss the warmer Rio Grande even more. Looks like you had fun at the Tea Room. The Ropa looks the same as when you brought us there; not fun climbing on those piles. I hear some people find good deals. I wonder how long they have to look.We miss ya'll. Hope we cross paths before long.

Cyndi Stout said...

Great photo Dad! I always knew you were "Special" LOL