Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finally Made It To Mexico

feb2,10 001

Sign that greets entering Mexico

Made the run over the border yesterday, and we had a great time. Had my super shrimp cocktail at the Red Snapper, along with 2 margaritas. Sound like a great diet to me! But it is working great and that is all I care about. Picked up a few meds, 10 videos, couple of things for the great grandkids for Easter….AND a “PRADA” purse for 25 dollars. LOL….Been looking for a lime green one, also got another one for a gift, but in red.

feb2,10 007

Will be the last time we probably make that trip this year as our passports expire in a few days. Guess I better get that taken care of while I’m thinking of it, out of sight, out of mind, has been kicking in on me. Have to start writing them notes that I’ve laughed at Chuck for doing it for years.

new me

Today it was bridge lessons in the morning, ran home for lunch, and back to a session playing with the “big dogs”. Those are the people who really are out to cut your throat, I’m being a bit unfair, there are a lot of fun people, but a few take the game waaaaay to seriously. But it sure feels good when you can beat them at their own game.


Princess Kylee’s 2nd birthday

Sure wish we could have been there, she is growing just too fast. Her mother made the castle cake, did a fabulous job.

Days are flying by, miss all our friends, just knowing that they are no longer just down the road, but know that we will be together again before too long. That’s the RV life.

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Cyndi Stout said...

I didn't see that picture. Sounds like you're having a grand time- miss you guys!