Monday, March 15, 2010

Smelling the Orange Blossoms

There are three trees around our rig and the smell is heavenly.  Sure glad that we don’t have allergies.  Weather has gotten ever so nice, time for the swimming pool, need to get some color back, as the foul weather has taken it’s toll on my tan. This is more like what we have come to expect here in Texas, warm to hot and windy. 


bluebells 002

Texas Bluebells

We are seeing a lot of our new friends leave, as they are making their way home, although most of the Canadians are putting off the move for a few more weeks.  We are getting that ole “hitch itch” too.  Our last bridge lesson is next week and Chuck has a doctors appointment for the 26th and after that we are free. We are planning a big loop around the country this coming year, from here up to Colorado Springs over into the lower half of Utah, on to the Grand Canyon, California, where we will pick up our grandson, then a meandering trip up into Washington.  We will fly him home once he’s tired of us and we will continue on to Indiana for the Escapees & Nicks rally’s.  From there over to the east coast and down to Key West and back up the west coast of Florida and follow the shoreline, as much as possible back to the RGV by January.  If your going to make a plan it might as well be a big one, and this one makes me tired just writing about it.  

We are on cable here, so we had our dish put on inactive, which means we can not use the dvr, but there was a channel from Canada that had the Amazing Race on at 6, so I was able to get my race fix and make it to out Sunday night card game at 7.  But once daylight savings time kicked in that no longer works, so last night had to make a big choice.  DARN!  We have so enjoyed our time spent at this park, though the spaces are extremely tight.  There are some premier sites in among the park models that are quite spacious and we are planning on reserving one of those if possible, just have to decide on a date for our arrival here. 

Got our taxes done, renewed our passports, even though I sent in some pictures of some “old” people.  Life is good.   


Bob and Molly said...

It's nice to see you posting!!! Miss hearing about your adventures!! We miss you up here in Rockport Roadkill????
Hugs and hope we see you this summer!!!

Barb said...

Sounds like you have a great year ahead of you. We are planning on also attending the Gypsy Journal Rally and Escapade. Hope to see you there!

Joe and Sherri said...

You Go Girl. We might run into you both on that trip. Take care and keep us all up to date on your location.