Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter


Tomorrow will see our wheels turning, as we are leaving the valley.  We plan on going to Corpus Christi for a week or so.  The Navy has a nice campground that is right on the beach, where we planning on staying. 

This park is so empty, almost everyone but the people who live here year round are gone, except a few Canadians who are holding off till the last day. 

We have enjoyed our stay here very much, Chuck gets to play as much cards and golf as he wants, which leaves me free to do as much or as little as I like.

We are in the process of revamp our travel plans, which will revolve around how quickly Chuck will be able to get a small hernia taken care of in Colorado Springs.  Instead of picking our grandson up in California and heading north to Washington, we plan to fly him into Los Vegas, and go from there.  Think that there is a lot more to entertain him in that part of the country, San Diego, Disneyland, so he is sure to be happy with it.

The wind is blowing today, hopeful it will die down some, glad that we have such a short trip tomorrow, got to ease back into the travel mode.

Hope all have a wonderful Easter, life is good.



Joe and Sherri said...

Excited for you and your plans...Not Chucks plan the moving one...Hope you get fixed up Chuck...we will be thinking of you.

squawmama said...

Oh Chuck good luck with that surgery.... Ralph had it done just before we left our homebase in Florida last summer and recovered nicely... Have fun & travel safely!

Bob and Molly said...

Travel safely...hurry on up to Boerne...we all miss you!! HUGS!

Mark and Dortha said...

Travel safe and enjoy your time in Corpus.

It is a good thing we make all those plans in jello!