Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jacks Down/Feet Up

We spent a nice week in Wisconsin, but it was shorter than we had planned, as the state fair was coming to town, and the city campground is turned over to  the fair workers.  So we were “evicted” sooner than we had planned.  We did get in visits with  my few relatives that are still there, which was nice. RV parks are very scarce in the part of Wisconsin we were, so we just decided to come ahead to the Elkhart area early.

The trip from there to here was totally just ho hum. Like it that way!  Other than doing the campground hunt.  We have been full time almost 4 years and making reservations is not something we usual do when we are traveling.  Now when we are going to sit for a while then we do give it some serious thought, although even then, we may only make them for a short time and scout out the area.  Seems the pictures always look so much better on  the internet,  sort of like the pictures of the food at Burger King.  Guess I should have waited to do that here.  Got confused about the Elkhart campground and the Elkhart fair grounds one.  Could have booked into the Elkhart one, but being as I thought it was the fairgrounds one, and it was a no go there, we are in one outside of Elkhart about 12 miles.   And if this makes no sense to you, it doesn't matter, not sure I do, just me babbling.

Today we met Kevin and Arlene,  http://roamingwhenwecan.blogspot.com/    and went to a RV salvage business in Michigan, about 25 miles away.  Some unbelievable prices, but we did not have any sizes that we would have needed for a few things, so will have to go back.  Then we were off to Amish furniture builder, Carlyle.  Getting there took major patience as this is the home of mega road contraction, aka detours, plus they are replacing major sewer pipes all over.  It was a good thing we had two GPS’s as they kept getting over heated with all the rerouting, and “Alma” (Tom Toms sister) totally lost her voice. Carlyle  has some beautiful pieces and the quality is so good.  We did place a order for a desk/table unit.  http://focalwood.com 

It seems like we have been busy and on the go, mostly just all the usual “stuff.  Eat, sleep, doing nothing, busy all the time.  We are looking forward to sitting for awhile, internet card working like cable, satellite all set up, local channels, no problem, It might get better than  this, but this is sure hard to beat.


Marty and Roz said...

Elkhart is a unique place with a lot of very nice folks. Our RV is presently at Duncan RV Service Center there having extensive work performed, tree fell on us in Idaho Falls last month, and took the RV there for repair. Should be ready by the end of this month. I enjoy reading your updates..You probably do not remember, but we met at the first RV Dreams Rally in Branson.

Stay safe, Marty Hill

Mark and Dortha said...

Don't use up all the fun in Elkhart before we get there! That is an area we have never been to. We are looking forward to spending some extended time there.

Can't wait to see everyone.

Hugs to you both.