Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Shopper I’m NOT

That is so right, so why for the past week, shopping has been my main activity?  Now they seemed to have more than a fair share of crafts fairs going on, plus today was a giant flea market at Shipsawana.  And I do like those.  This is a great market, and the prices are ever so good.  And they have it two days a week.  We got wore out early, the humidity was climbing fast and we decided that being as we are gong to be in the area for some time, the outdoor shopping could wait.  We went into Yoders, which is a meat, cheese and general Amish market.  The meat there is great, so stocked the freezer pretty good.  Then it was off to the Rise n Roll, only the best bakery/deli in the area.  We shared a sandwich, (which is more than enough)  on bread fresh out of the oven.  The best!  Sat with a couple who were here from Ireland on holiday, and had a great conversation.  They were totally amazed at the prices here, and they thought every thing was so inexpensive.  And their gas runs about 8 dollars a gallon.  Guess it depends on whose eyes we are looking out of.

elkhart 132 A few flowers for sale, beautiful work, made of laser cut steel.

elkhart 123  The size of these blooms was amazing.

Chuck did get a golf fix the other day, and he had a great time, the course is just a few miles from us, but the best part is if you play before 9 it is only 20 dollars and that includes a cart.  It don’t get any better than that, and playing early in the morning is what we like, cooler. 

We had a few errands in Elkhart yesterday and met up with Kevin and Arlene for lunch.  Great deli.  Looks like they will finally get out of here, so they can get back here. 

Surprising that there seems like there are no bugs to speak of here, sitting out day or evening no problem.  Hope it lasts.

That is it for now, loving it.


Mark and Dortha said...

Save some of that shopping for me. I can't wait to get to Shipsawana.

And, for sure save some of that sitting out business for us too!

RD said...

Isn't that flea market neat? Jane and I spent come time there a while back

Happytrails said...

Love those beautiful flowers!! The colors are just gorgeous.
Just found your blog and have enjoyed reading and catching up with your journeys.

Have fun in Elkhart...we were planning to be there but we've had some family medical issues and won't be able to make it this year.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)