Saturday, February 19, 2011

An A-OK Week

That about says it all.  All Chucks tests turned out fine, which was a big relief.  So glad that we are past the “what if” stage, and can at least start thinking of making some summer plans.  Do not think they will include the Escapees Rally though, and that makes us sad, especially since our friends, Bob & Molly have taken on the job as head cat herders, but we know that a lot of our friends that will be there supporting them.  Maybe we can send some proxy stand-ins. 

This week has literally flown by, what with golf, bridge, cards, lunch in Mexico, seems like every day was full.  Today we are having a get together wishing some new friends, Dave & Bev, bon voyage/farewell.  They are leaving for a cruise through the Panama Canal, and then returning to Iowa.  It was their first year here and they purchased a park model, so looks like they will be back next year.  We are storing our golf cart in their car port, which keeps us from having come up with other plans for it.  And if for some reason we don’t make it back next year, they will have a cart to use, works for us.

Our park has a big party celebrating St Patrick’s Day, and after that it tends to empty out fairly fast over the next month.  Not sure if we will be leaving here then, but if we do we will probably not go further than either Rockport or Fredericksburg.  Do not want to make the mistake of thinking that all the weather has become spring time.  We did that the first few years, and dealt with snow.  Not leaving Texas till the middle of April.  But the way diesel is going up, we may be in trouble, been here 2 months and seen it rise 60 cents a gallon. Funny, does not seem to be a subject the media thinks relevant. Not going there, not saying another word, won’t  let them ruin my wonderful day, living in this fabulous place with marshmallow clouds and pink sky. 

Life Is Good, Life In A RV Is Even Better

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Tennessee....gas is free...with beans from Cracker Barrel!!!