Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day by Day

This week passed by very fast, seems like as we get closer to leaving it seems to do that. About the only thing that we did differently this week was take in a movie, The Kings Speech. We both thought it was very good, which surprised me, as it was not Chucks kind of movie. Thought he might catch a nap but he didn’t. We also had a Red Hat lunch in the park, and the entertainment was Auntie Kreamsaugen. She was very funny, the family puts on a show in the Jasper Theater in Park Rapids, Minnesota. Defiantly worth checking out if ever in that part of the world. Quite a large group of Red Hatters, almost 200, think everyone had a good time. Know that I did. Also been putting together our taxes, which is not hard to do, using Turbo tax, can even get away with the free edition. But glad to get it out of the way.

The weather has turned fairly hot, the other day actually hit 96, too early for that. Thankfully it was only one day. Kind of sad though the freeze we had for a few days last month killed all the flowers, so unlike the last few years we have no bougainvillea, or anything else. But the blue bonnets are starting to show there flowers, so it won’t be long.

Saturdays are busy days here, first breakfast at the club house, then duplicate bridge, Chuck and I play together, after, usually we run to the flea market, for fruits and veggies, then pegs and jokers tonight. Anything to keep us off the streets. Chuck had an accident free round of golf yesterday, yippee! That about does it for another week, thanks for looking in on us, know that we sound like we are in a boring rut, but actually having a great time, spending our kids inheritance.

Life is Good

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Frerx Adventures said...

Wow! 96 degrees! We are looking at freezing temps next few days here in AZ, maybe even snow.

Sounds like you two are finding plenty to keep you off the streets! I'm hearing lots of folks like King Speech, so maybe we'll have to work that in while the outdoor weather is ugly.

Hugs, C