Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Out With the Old In With the New

Travel plans for the summer that is. We were totally undecided, and finally pulled the trigger and made a decision. We are going to the Escapees Rally. That being said everything else will be based on being in Gillette, Wyoming the end of August. We have a little over a month here yet, then the wheels will be turning. Of course it will be a slow crawl to Wyoming, lots of stops along the way.

The time seems to fly faster every week, here it is Wednesday, could it be my new Saturday? We have been busy finishing up with dentist and doctors appointments, LOL, we have managed to cram enough of them in to last the rest of the year. So far everything has checked out okay, but not because they haven’t tried their best to find something that needed fixing. We are in “rust belt era” of the golden age, you know.

Last week our park had casino night and we were all asked to dress western, for us it meant buying a cowboy hat.

party2 013

We had a great time, playing with faux money is still fun. Then at the end they had a auction where you could spend it. Had some very nice items, but people had pooled their money so the bids were out of our reach. For the last item, they had 3 small decorative bags, one of which contained 50 dollars, one, 25 dollars (real money) and one with zip. But they had to sell all 3 before you could look. Our group pooled our money and got one of the bags, and it contained ……………….NOTHING. Which was what our money was worth after the event was over so didn't feel bad. We had a fun time, and big thanks go to all the people who helped put it on, know that it took a lot of work.

party2 019

Couple of the dancehall hussies, Pat & Laverne

The big new is I got a Droid! Not sure when I will reach the stage of saying that I love it, but have a feeling that it is in the far distant future, cause right now it is all I can do to make a call, talk about being lost. Found someone who is willing to help me, just have to find the time that works for both of us to get together. Mean while I’ll dink away with it. I can do this, yes, I can!

The farewell potluck was the other day, but people are not in that big of hurry to leave, although there are a few who have left. There is a large St. Patrick's doings here, and after that the exodus will begin. I went with some of the girls to a few ropa’s looking for things to use in the parade, and it was not too bad. Take that back, had fun, would even do it again. One of the girls found a huge bunch of beautiful silk scarves, must have been over 100, probably cost her 20 cents for all. Different time, but guess you can get lucky.

Next week another trip to San Antonio, the final one to pick up Chucks hearing aids. He has a 30 days trail period with them, which is the main reason we are staying in the area an extra month. Well, that brings me to the end of this update, all is well, life is good, thanks for looking in on us.


The Bright's said...

Doesn't it feel great to have a plan sometimes? The flexibility and spontanaity of this life is fun, but we also find that having a definite place and date as a direction helps ground us a little.
oh... when I got my blackberry phone, it rang and I couldnt figure out how to answer it! Isnt new technology great!

Gregg said...

Very nice..Very very nice looking couple in the cowboy hats.We all may need them in cowboy country in Gillette.So glad to hear that you're headed to Gillette.Hope our travel plans come together and we can meet up and travel together again.Miss you two and big ole "Hugs" to ya both!!!!

MAC and Netters

Leno said...

So glad you are having fun...
Very happy to hear you will be joining us in Wyoming.. Can't wait.
I will be making a stop at Trader Joe's to load up on wine for us, since I helped you drink your stash..

Richard said...

Hi all
Glad to hear your going to Gillette.Looking forward to some HAND7FOOT.Be safe

Barb said...

We miss you two. So glad that all the doctor's appointments turned out well. It sure was great to read that you decided to go to Escapade. It will be great meeting up again.