Saturday, March 26, 2011

Onion Festival, Rambling On

Last week seen us making the run to San Antonio, and once again we were lucky to get an apartment for the night on the base. We really thought we were in the lap of luxury with all the room, very nice. Other than getting Chucks hearing aids we did not do anything. Getting to know that road, from here and back again, though. At the last minute we decided that it would be fun to spend the month of May working at CARE at the Escapees park with Barb and Bob/Chuck, but they had filled the month out. So our plans as of now are leaving here the 16th of April, going to Fredericksburg for a few days, then over to the Lost Alaskan RV park, in Alpine. Spend some time there before starting north to Colorado Springs. Can’t go too soon, we have done that before and ended up in snow. Have not been to that area of Texas, and it sounds different, and about now, looking forward to something different. Sure don’t know if we will ever be able to come off the road, seems like, especially me, wants new and different scenery every few months at least. Even after Chuck retired from the Air Force, and we were in one place, hitch itch, or what ever, would hit me, and the only thing I could do then was change the furniture, and the rooms around. Chuck was afraid one day he would find the dining room in the master bath! And did I ever have fun when we remodeled! Now he is the one who watches HGTV, and all those home buying shows….lol. We did have a houseboat for 12 years, but we were locked to one lake as it was too big to be towable. But loved the summers on it. Guess we sat too long here, one of our front landing jacks seems to have given up the ship, had a mobile RV tech out and he is working on getting it fixed. Carpets will be cleaned, rig washed and waxed, and that should be about all that we need to taken care of before pulling out. Getting a little lonely here, lots of people gone already. But our site is among the park models and mobiles so it doesn’t seem so empty compared to the RV section. Although a lot of the people are gone.

plant 002

Was it the Little Shop of Horrors that had that huge plant? Well this is behind our RV, can almost seem it grow. Once it blooms it will die, but lots of little new plants will be there to claim the space. Planning on keeping a running picture log till it blooms or we leave, what ever some first.

Chuck and I were up and out early to play bridge, then we went to the Onion Festival. Starting to becoming friends with my droid phone. Did get a stylist so that really helps in getting it set up, I was spending more time deleting my mistakes than making head way, also really like the voice search. Which, got us there, pretty neat. Sure eats the battery though.

plant 004 There were 3 booths selling blooming onions, those lines were very long, but all the others seemed to be really wanting for customers. Sort of felt sorry for them, and the one next to our line was sponsored by a Lions club, and Lion Chuck, had to support them by buying a polish sausage while waiting in the blooming onion line. I was looking forward to the arts and crafts booths, but that disappointed, there were very few. Will say the blooming onion we had was absolutely wonderful. Lots of good music, fun time.

So there you have it, nothing new, but loving it, hope it goes on forever….Life is Good.

'Be who you are and say what you feel, because those that matter - don't mind... and those that mind - don't matter.'


Lisa said...

On the droid marketplace there is an app "Advanced Task Killer" that is free. It is great for saving that battery. Put it on your main page and hit to kill apps that you don't need. It is amazing how many programs run in the background. Have a great day.

Jesse, Ginger, Bayer, Buddy, and Mr. B said...

When will you 2 be in the Springs. We will be there around April 21. We start work at Mountaindale campground on May 1 till Oct 1.
It would be good to see you again.