Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Yes it is, staying up till midnight so I can make reservations for Defeated Creek for “the gathering”.  And wouldn’t you know it, but I have a doctors appointment for 8 AM.  Have not had to be any where that early for months! 

We have been doing the mundane, getting things ready to move on down the road.  Jacks are fixed.  Had the carpet shampooed today, and they were so fast, but did an excellent job.  The best part they were right on time, so we didn’t have to worry that they might not show, after we had moved everything out side. So there are still businesses that try to please the customer. 

The past few days the weather has been so hot, yesterday broke records when it hit 103.  Now it does not matter that the humidity was only 14%, it was HOT.  But about seven last night the cold front came in and it was wonderful, and today just heaven. 

plant 001

Jack and the Beanstock comes to mind.  Hope that it blooms before we leave.

That’s all for now, Life is Good.


Speedy said...

See that you are still kicking and now getting ready to move on down the road. We have the weekend off and hope to get all our chores done so we can travel to Louisiana for some R&R.We hope this year sees us with more time off to travel.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited!!!

Gypsy's Tales said...

So happy things are getting done- hope the Drs appt went well this am - Another FRUSTRATING conversation with Fleetwood this am but they are reimbursing the toilet repair!! Glad you found people with customer service skills. The folks we have dealt with at the numerous dealers and repair shops have been great but the BIG company just keeps shooting itself in the %@*$ you get the picture - house is emptying and we are a go for 2 weeks from now Safe Travels