Monday, April 18, 2011


Due to a medical miscue we made the decision to arrive in Springs earlier than we had originally planned. Thankfully all was a false alarm, so we will enjoy the snow when and if it comes, and it probably will. So nice to see our daughter and SIL. Also, our grandsons family, especially those two babies. Roinn who is 6 and Kylie 3, they are so sweet, never sitting still. Sure would be nice if we could buy that energy in a store. What you can buy in a store here is marijuana, and there are stores all over, on the main street that runs through Old Colorado City, there must be 15 of them. 1/8 for $25.00. They soon will be having a price war between the legal and illegal pot.

Saturday we met the kids for breakfast as the little ones have karate, and our daughter and SIL have made it into a time they set aside to spend time with the kids, which is great. From there we went to the arcade and ditzed around for a bit with them. In the afternoon we attended a performance of The Thorn. It was amazing. Put on by the New Life Church in there mega building, which holds 5000 people. It is a round building with the stage in the center, so there is not a bad seat, although ours were some of the best. They have over 500 people in the cast, truly truly amazing. Then we all went back to the house for dinner and a few games of pegs & jokers. Guys lost, not once but twice.

Today Chuck is out on the golf course, and I’m going to walk over and get my nails done. The campground that we stay in here is nothing to speak of, the price is good, 500 a month includes cable, electric and there is wi-fi if you want it. Plus it is in walking distance of shops and restaurants. And our daughters house is but 6 blocks away, which is the main reason we stay here. Choices are rather limited in this area. The campground at the Air Force Academy is nice, but out of the way.

Glad to be back on the blog, even thought there probably will not be to much to write about for awhile. Just thankful that all is well and

Life is Good.

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