Friday, April 29, 2011

Playing Tour Guide

acadamy2011 009

Our friends, Bob & Barb Williams, stopped for a brief visit on their way to Livingston.  They are doing a month of volunteering at the care center in the Escapees Park.  They were game to seeing a few of the points of interest here in Colorado Springs, so we were off.  Our first stop was the Air Force Academy to view the chapel. 

acadamy2011 086-1

It is really spectacular, I marvel every time we visit.

acadamy2011 050

The inside looking to wards the entrance,  a huge pipe organ in the loft.

acadamy2011 039

The front view. Pictures do not do it justice by any means.

acadamy2011 085

The pictures are of the Protestant chapel, below this is also Catholic,

acadamy2011 043


acadamy2011 048

Buddha chapels.

acadamy2011 049

From there we went to visitor center and lunch at Subway, and then it was on to the Garden of the Gods.  Our grandson was married at the base of this rock formation, called “kissing camels”.

acadamy2011 055

My all time favorite view on the drive through the garden, years ago, the first time that I seen these rock formations I was totally blown away.  But after our years of travel although they still remain impressive, there are other places that dwarf them.

acadamy2011 067

Bob, on the Top of the World!

acadamy2011 073

Balancing Rock

acadamy2011 082

Same rock, other side

acadamy2011 084

And that ended our tour, after a brief rest, we went out to dinner, and once back at the RV, the guys had to have another game of hand and foot, but they came up losers once again. 

Score: Girls 2, Guys 0. 

This morning they were off, hopefully the wind died down some as it was blowing early.  It is their third day of being full-timers, and we are so glad that we will get to see them once again in Cody come August.

Life is Good.


Leno said...

How neat that you got to see Barb and Bob.. Love the tour, you will have to guide us at some point, lol.. Looks really beautiful!

Max Parker said...

So glad to hear that you had a good time with your friends. Beautiful views! Would love to visit there soon, love the wonders of nature!
Max Driving Safety Advocate

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

A great area! We spent three weeks there last summer visitng our daughter ho is a n instructor at the Academy. The surrounding area has been great natural wonders to enjoy. Thanks for the memories.

squawmama said...

Haven't been there in years... BUT we always remember how beautiful it is!!!
Have fun & Travel safe