Monday, April 25, 2011

White Easter, NOOOOOOOO

It happens every spring when we are tempted to arrive a few weeks earlier than we should.  Just call us slow learners.  Snow!colorado springs 20011 030

Okay, so it wasn’t like we had to shovel or anything, but considering we don’t do winter in any form  it was shocking. 

We have been enjoying our down time here, spending time with the kids, although their time is limited as their daily life of work goes on.  Our little great grand babies are still a little leary of these strangers that have come into their lives, although Roinn is comfortable with us.  Klyee, not so much.  Visiting only once a year is not quite enough.

colorado springs 20011 014

                                colorado springs 20011 015

We spent Easter with them and it was fun to watch them go through their baskets,

colorado springs 20011 042

and then outside to hunt eggs.  Sure brought back a lot of memories.

colorado springs 20011 053

                               colorado springs 20011 061

Had a great dinner of ham with all the trimmings, and after the golf tournament was over we had a few games of pegs and jokers.  Girls were losers both times….Sad smile

Wednesday we went to the Country Club for “chicken and bingo”.  Lovely club, and the food was wonderful.  The kids have a trail membership and are considering joining, but probably won’t at this time.  The manager invited Chuck out for a round of golf, and that made his night.  He also won at bingo. They only played about 10 games and for me that was just about the right amount. Watching paint dry and playing bingo have about the same appeal to me.  Could be because don’t think that I have ever won.

My week was ruined when the Cowboys got eliminated off the Amazing Race.  Feel that the other teams all cheated and  were rewarded, when the Cowboys played fair and were penalized for it. Think that is the last time I watch it, Yeah….sure!

  colorado springs 20011 019

The deer in our daughters front yard, they can grow nothing outside, unless if is hanging 10 feet in the air, it is unbelievable the way the deer invade the neighborhood.  And they truly do eat everything.  And they are not the least bit afraid of humans, I took these right next to them and they just continued to eating the lilac bush. 

We have two more weeks here and still have not made a decision on our next destination.  Sure that it will come to us, “ain’t no way” we can just wonder, not with these gas prices. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

Life is Great.

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Speedy said...

I would give anything to have snow instead of Tornados! We have been overrun with them for weeks now.