Friday, May 30, 2014



We have been off the grid since Dawson Creek, and WOW, really miss everything.  If we only had one, but no internet, phone or TV  is like being on a different planet.  So I guess you could say we are stopping to smell the roses, big time.  Heading to Watson Creek the country side was wide open for many a mile, only an occasional ranch.  Lots of red roofs.

                        alaska trip 004

                          And there is the beginning of our journey.

alaska trip 025

Have traveled almost 2000 miles just to get here.  We had a very nice get together and a guest speaker from the tourist bureau, who was quite delightful.  We also became officially the Loosey Goosey Gang with the passing out of name badges.  And yes, they were orange.

c                                   alaska trip 041

                              The Loosey Goosey Gang                              

                                  alaska trip 021

                               Tourist Bureau/ Gift Shop

Beaverton had their oversized name sake as you entered the small village.                     alaska trip 016  It was almost bigger than the town.  We were headed to a abandoned landing strip, and campground.  Fortunately it was still there.  Anyone reading this and coming this way it is milepost 217.2.  On the left side going north.  Very nice place, lots of wood for campfires, garbage container, and it is “free” which is the best part.  alaska trip 060 

  • We stayed there 3 nights, first night Dennis started a hobo stew, we all threw in a couple of cans of what ever, and it was down right good.   The next night Escapees Mark fixed his world famous, delicious, mouth watering smoked meatloaf, AND mashed potatoes and gravy.  The rest of us came up with a thing or two and we had a feast.  We also had a couple of guys camping near us and they felt that we should have some moose and caribou steaks to try,as they gave us some packets.  Saving that for another night. We had a great time telling tales and getting to know one another. We especially enjoyed the time as just about every one was a new acquaintance.

 Then we were off to a destination down the road.  And it was like driving through a wildlife preserve.  First we seen bear, lots of bears!

alaska trip 078alaska trip 083

                              Three cubs and  big momma.

alaska trip 084

And then there were sheep!

                                     alaska trip 113

There were 5 of these and they were magnificent.

alaska trip 135


                                       alaska trip 016

These two guys were in the middle of the road, and what I called just gave us “the look”, they moved off the road, but at their own pace. 

alaska trip 022

There were much more but way too many to post.  We spent the night at a Provincial Park on the banks of Muncho lake.  There was still some ice on the water, but they say the color of the water is amazing.  What we could see was unreal.

alaska trip 103alaska trip 145

                       Chuck behind our camp site.  From here we were off to Laird Hot Springs.  Still no hook-ups.  Actually the people who live there are totally reliable on generators.  No cell service for any one. Spending 2 nights here.  The campground is a dream.  Huge sites, 24 dollars a night, but that includes the springs which is a 5 dollar person charge.  We actually paid almost 8 dollars a gallon for gas the other day.  Thankfully it didn’t take that much.

There is a hot side and a cooler side to the springs.  I got to enjoy them too, as they had a golf cart pick up for those that were unable to make the walk.  It was about a half mile, but on a nice boardwalk.  Still having problems with the foot.  I’m using inserts, a sleeping boot, exercises, and have a can in the truck that I roll my foot on when we are moving. So far the only thing that seems to work is ….well…a stiff drink.  Everyone says it takes time.  Chuck is having to do double duty, bless his heart.

alaska trip 002alaska trip 001t

Tomorrow we head down the road once again, on to Watson Lake.  Think the plan is to spend a few days there.  Need to do laundry and take on water, and get rid of the used.  There is also the sign post forest and a northern light theater. One store…..  Hope the wi-fi is strong enough to post, but if not, at least it is written.


JB said...

Sounds like a great trip, we have been in both of those sites over the years. It is wonderful country and they are right Muncho Lake is pretty spectacular once the ice has left for the season. There is a great campsite along Kluane Lake once you get past Whitehorse.

Anonymous said...

Bring me a bear cub!!!