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These sure do look like Texas blue bonnets.


We arrived in Watson Lake and got settled in the Downtown campground, which basically was the only one in operation.  Let me tell you with 14 rigs pulling in the laundry room did one fine business.  And they are not cheap, think it would almost be more economically to buy new.  Sign post city can only be experienced by actually seeing it. There are one hecka lot of signs.  Escapee Mark had made one up for the group and we had a blast seeing all our names immortalized.DSC05282         DSC05285

DSC05262            DSC05287

When we were gathering who should pull in but ……..


they had caught us.  We went back to the campground and spent the night with them, and the next day traveled to Whitehorse.  Most everyone went on the bus to ride the train at Skagway, but having done it before, we decided not to.  Spent some time seeing the town and having dinner the last night at


now this place wasn’t much to look at, but the food was outstanding. From there we took in the Follies. Entertaining, but not worth the admission.  The threesome took off early in the morning and Chuck and I stayed behind.  With my foot giving me all that trouble I feel that I’m more of a party pooper than anything and just don’t want to be a drag on anyone.  So we left with some other fellow travelers and made our way up the road heading for Tok.  The scenery was spectacular,


and every once in a while would see something totally different.  The largest gold pan. 


Burls made into caricatures', sure hate to meet that mosquito!



Spent one night in a lovely park where we all fit together, had a huge campfire,(they furnished fire wood free) in the morning, breakfast outside, where Dan cooked  by telling us women how to do it.  He even got a picture to prove it.

And then there we were here!  Traveling this highway has given me me a totally new found respect for my parents.  They moved to Alaska in 49, made that trip with 3 small kids, on a road that had been built only a few years before, and all their possessions in the car. Can’t even imagine what it was like. Know there is no way on God’s green earth that I could have done it that way today. I complained over not have cell service!  Now the roads are all paved and in really good shape, the only real pain was at the pump.  But the good news is it makes 4 dollars a gallon seem down right cheap. 

DSCN3055We made our way into Tok and settled in a campground and almost trampled each other on our way to the infamous Fast Eddies restaurant for lunner, aka as lunch/dinner.  The fried mushrooms are wonderful, but an order easily feeds 4.  At the campground we came across Dennis and a few others of the Loosey Goosey gang.  They had had a breakdown in their group, so there was a delay before they continued on to Chicken.  Another tourist attraction we are passing on.  On to the


where we seen                   


We are now awaiting our mail to catch up with us and then we will be leaving the area.  Heading down here there is family.  Chuck is anxious to get some fishing in, and also to see everyone.  Have a bother and nieces and nephews still in the area around Palmer, Wasilla and Chugiak.

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